Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alleged Media Bias Against Clinton

I know solidarity has questioned my right to comment at all, since I'm not a Democrat, but I'm gonna anyway. I hope that you, pdrez or anyone else harboring the misguided notion that the media is biased against Hillary has, at long last, disabused yourself of that falsehood. Have you observed the coverage of the Wright distraction? Have you observed the campaign analyses since PA? The bias allegation always was B.S. I hope you can acknowledge that now. All the whining about how the media said only Clinton couldn't win enough delegates was completely bogus. Every story I read or watched said neither could win sufficient delegates. It wasn't the media that was suggesting it might be time for Clinton to fold her tent. It was party folks. Get off the media's back and tell your candidate to take responsiblity for her own actions, as hard as that might be for a Clinton.

Peace through sniper fire in Bosnia and opposition to NAFTA.

Clinton and O'Reilly Best Buds

So, Hillary goes on O'Reilly's show to keep the Rev. Wright distraction alive. Talk about a despicable act by a low-life politician. Following this campaign, by what right will Hillary Clinton call herself a Democrat? Her gasoline tax suspension idea? Pitiful. Will increase demand without while reducing supply, raise prices, pump more profits into the oil companies' pockets, and undermine the fight against climate change. Great consumer and energy policy. What bold, enlightened leadership. Just the kind we need in the White House.