Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clinton and O'Reilly Best Buds

So, Hillary goes on O'Reilly's show to keep the Rev. Wright distraction alive. Talk about a despicable act by a low-life politician. Following this campaign, by what right will Hillary Clinton call herself a Democrat? Her gasoline tax suspension idea? Pitiful. Will increase demand without while reducing supply, raise prices, pump more profits into the oil companies' pockets, and undermine the fight against climate change. Great consumer and energy policy. What bold, enlightened leadership. Just the kind we need in the White House.


pdrez said...

To be fair, Hillary said about two sentences on the subject in the interview, so one can hardly label her appearance on O'Reilly's program as an act "to keep the Rev. Wright distraction alive." The Wright portion of the interview totalled about 2 minutes out of an hour. Come on. Another cheap shot from an Obama supporter here.

Hillary Clinton will call herself a Democrat after this campaign because she has been fighting for universal health care for 15+ years, a core issue to her party. She will call herself a Democrat by continuing to strengthen the middle class of this country through tax relief. She will take on the oil companies and their exorbitant profits by taxing those profits over a certain baseline. She will call herself a Democrat by getting rid of the failed No Child Left Behind debacle, and creating college tax credits.

Hillary Clinton is a tried and true Democrat, and to argue anything other than this is ludicrous. She may be a bit more to the right than Obama, but that is only because you cannot get any further left than the Senate's most liberal member.

tom dresslar said...

pdrez. Glad to see you're alive. I hope all is well with you. Take good care of your Dad.

By the way, my comments were based not so much on Hillary's policy stances, as on the way she has run her campaign, specifically the fact she appears prepared to severely damage party unity to get the nomination.

Peace through Grandma Martinez' tortillas.